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Why the need for a sketch / design project?

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Why the need for a sketch / design project?

Of course, each of us need to consider the choice of interior, the style of artistic painting, the decor, and future plans, before the final approval of "Yes “.
By itself, a customer might like the drawing, but it can be difficult to know if it matches the already existing interior. This is where the computer program photoshop comes to the rescue. With the help of the computer, it is possible to clearly see how the picture will look on the wall, and into the future without significant delay or cost.

Working with photoshop is not particularly complicated or expensive, but it requires certain skills. Photographs are made of the selected pattern and then imposed into the picture with the finished interior. It is possible to see how the completed room will look. Of course, if you've never encountered this program, it is better to consult a specialist.

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But what if you are in the initial stage of finishing work and have not yet decided the final selection of the interior? In this case, a computer program such as 3Ds max can help you see the completed room with a variety of decor and furnishings. .

Using software such as 3Ds max, it is possible to try different combinations of colors to match the harmony of the interior style and decor. Of course, as it usually happens in life, the more complex the program, the higher the cost of services.

The proverb says: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times." If you invest time and effort in your designer and their designs, you can see your future "child" in the future. Decisions can be made more easily, than relying simply on explanations and imagination.

Imagination - it's great, but do not forget that each has their own way of imagining. As sometimes happens, people discuss about the great Dragon (Miracle Yudo) and are sure about the same image.
But in reality, one person imagines the dragon (miracle Yudo) has three heads, and the other person imagines it has four heads. It is possible to make out where the fourth head came from and to remove it. Artworks can be altered and changed and items added and removed. But it's troublesome and costly. Is it not better to measure seven times and cut once ? Certainly it is better to plan your art, so there is certainly, and there are no costly surprises and rework.

When decorating a house, there are an abundance of decisions to be made. Colours, textures, furniture, fittings, and textiles must all come together in harmony. It is difficult to imagine the finished decor, while juggling so many different aspects. Sometimes a photoshop image of a proposed design is enough. Sometimes a 3D image is needed, to truly show how all the elements of the room can come together, before a final decision can be made.

The best solution is to seek expert advice. And at the same time, look at their previous finished works. When there is harmony between the customer and the artist, it is like a common language. Being on the same wavelength with the designer you have chosen is important. If there is no mutual understanding, then the project can not achieve its possibilities.

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